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ARTISTS Artist Le Thanh

Artist LE THANH (1942)

Born in 1942 at Long Xuyen Province, Vietnam.
He was born in a family having an art tradition, especially fine- art.
Graduated from The National Fine Art College SAIGON 1963.
He is a member of Fine Art Association in HCM City.

His father is Le Thuc who was affected by European Literature Tendency in XIX-XX century; after passed Albert Sarreau Hanoi, he translated all literary works of  Charles Dicken, Alexandra Dumas, Pere & Fils, Dowstosoky, Pasternar… Contributing to guide Kim Chung orchestra - The forerunner of To Nhu  Cai luong Bac Ha.
His paternal uncle is Mr.Le Yen painter - The founder of  violon, guitar shop named  “Melodia”  in Ha Noi & Sai Gon in the years of 1940s and 1950s. He was a contemporaneous artist  with group of  Mai Trung Thu, Le Thi Luu, Nguyen Cao Dam, Le Pho...Even though he didn’t graduate from Indochina Art School, he used to teach Fine art in Hanoi in a short time.
His uncle is the famous painter Le Pho (1907-2001).
His maternal uncle is artist-professor Do Dinh Hiep- The Rector of Gia Dinh Fine Art College as well as Gia Dinh Fine Art Center (1971-1975). 
  • “… Le Thanh is a very rare artist among the artists who was mentioned by the old artist Le Van De – being the first in the graduation examination of Hanoi  Fine Art College in 1930 and also the Ex-Rector of Saigon Fine Art College – because he broke the school’s regulation. However, he brought the honor to his school with five prizes in three years (1962-1965) when he was being a student. His most impressive prize is the scholarship to France with the work “Bidding farewell” in the first International Fine Art Exhibition in Vietnam in 1962.
  • After having graduated in 1960s, Le Thanh and the group of students who broke the school’s regulation couldn’t attend Exhibition, because they hadn’t left school yet. Afterwards, they were prominent artists who gained a lot of success and got many big awards through domestic and overseas Fine Art Exhibitions.
  • He was the uncommon artist introduced in the “World Freedom” newspaper in 1963. The newspapers focused on analyzing the palette of works which content world affairs such as, “Bidding farewell”, “Being sad at midnight”, “The body”, and “ The condition”, etc. Aquotation in the newspapers said that “When expressing human depression and painting by the colors, lines and the lay-out, Le Thanh has a serious ambition to see a new horizon like an   expansive society in which there’s no longer incarnations ill treated miserably.
  • Individual Exhibitions:
    • 1970: Exhibition of People Letters and Arts’ Club-House.
    • 1989: Traditional lacquer paintings exhibition financed by Artex  Saigon in Paris, Moscow, Singapore and Taiwan.
    • Work “Doan Truong Tan Thanh”.
    • “Southern Flooding Season”.
    • “HighLand Dance”.
    • Having paintings collection in France in 1960s through French Ministry Of Culture”.
    • Individual Collection in Switzerland, Britain, Finland, US, Australia, Spain…
     Cooperative Exhibitions:
    • 1961 – 1962: - Certificate of Honor “Spring Exhibition”.
     Honorable award to France.
    • 1963 : The First of the international exhibition in Saigon.
    Got the silver medal in the Christmas Exhibition.
    • 2007: Exhibition at TuDo Gallery , and HAC Art Gallery, HCM city, Vietnam.
    • 2008: Group Exhibition with Nguyen Van Bay & Luong Truong Tho at Phuong Mai Gallery in HCM City.
    • 2009: Group Exhibition with artists Ho Huu Thu, La Hon, Trinh Thanh Tung, Do Duy Tuan at Phuong Mai Gallery in HCM City.