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ARTISTS Artist La Hon

Artist LA HON (1945)

La Hon was born in August 5th, 1945 in a small business family with 09 siblings in all  and he is the first-born. When he was young, he was an art lover, was fond of painting and took an exam to enter the Gia Định School of Art Decoration and graduated in 1963.
Member Of Vietnam Fine  Arts Association.
Member Of Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Association.
1966:   Received a Certificate of Distinction from The Binh  Ngo Lunar Year  Art  Exhibition.
1966:   Awarded Second Prize At The UNESCO Art Exhibit.
1966:   Awarded Second Prize  At The 26 10 Art Exhibit.
1966:   Participant In The Fifth International Graphic Depict Exhibition Held In Tokyo.
1972:   Awarded 2nd Prize At The National Poster Exhibit.
1972-1973: Recipient of National Art and Literature Certificate of Distinction.
1973:   Participated in Public-Exhibition At Vietnam American Association.
1978-1985-1986:  Participant In National Art Exhibit.
1996:   Received Commendation Of Distinction At The Philip Morris Organized National Exhibition.
1996: Received Ho Chi Minh City Art Exhibition Certificate Of Encouragement.
1980-1990-1995: National Art Exhibition
1968-1992-1993: Personal Exhibition.
1992:   Public Exhibition with Vietnamese artists in Singapore.
1997:   33rd Asia Exhibition in Japan.
1997:   Awarded Second Prize At The Art Exhibition Of H & S Event.
1997:   Awarded Third Prize At Ethnic Peoples National Art And Literature.
1998-1999:      Paintings Selected For National Final Exhibition Organizing By Philip Morris.
1999:   Public exhibition. With exhibition at 114 Dong Khoi Dist.1
2001:   Awarded Second Prize at HCM City Art Exhibit.
2002:   Awarded Medal for The Works Of Vietnam Art.
March 2008: participated in “the color of two generations” exhibition with his son-La Nhu Lan at Phuong Mai gallery, HCM city.
2009: Group exhibition at Phuong Mai Gallery, HCM City, Vietnam
Many Paintings Are In Private Collection In Various Countries.