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ARTISTS Artist Huy Thanh
  • Born in 1947 in Danang City.
  • Old student of Danang Technical University.
  • Studied in Saigon Technology University.
  • Attended many exhibitions on general and particular in domestic and abroad.
  • Available own paintings in the Private Collection set in and out country:
Art like a famous landscape which people have been told much about, but none of them is proud of placing their feel on it.
On Chinese ink drawings, the Eastern people have a sentence: “Drawing cloud to discover the noon”. That is the purpose of learning. “Self – renew” to self win. The beauty is so enigmatic that the drawing is extremely difficult.
Someone looks for the beauty, someone searching for the meaning of the beauty. The beauty appears in the starry moonlit sky, in mountains and rivers, in trees and grass, on the tiled roof and in that ched hat as well.
“Drawing cloud to discover the moon”. That is the goal of images transforming, the discovered moon is inexhaustible.
What does Huy Thanh draw? We only know he has been indulged in colors for 30 years, since he has known the beauty of mountains and rivers, flowers and grass. Our home land seems prettier with the drawings of Hai Van Pass or Marble mountains: “Landscapes Pike Chinese ink paintings”.
Huy Thanh draws a lot of bamboo like trees. Looking at these bamboos we can find the transform of the lay out. The drawings of the bamboos are so condensed that they are sceen so close to us, but in fact they are so far.
The bamboo like trunks are painted so dim that we can find them appear then disappear. Their presences seem going deep into the nothingness. The bamboo trunk without bases and tops telling us that the space is end less and the time is inexhaustible.