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Shipping Policy
Shipping Policy
The effective date of this Agreement is July 15th , 2009

C.1 Shipping Information:

We ship International. The service is “door to door” delivery.

We work with Express carrier by FedEx, TNT, DHL and Non-express carrier by air-way freight carrier (with lower cost in case of non-urgent with volume weight of package up to 100kg) for worldwide shipment of painting.
By Express, delivery time is 2-3 business days to ASEAN countries by FedEx ,TNT or DHL; 3-6 business days to other Asian countries and about 5-7 business days to USA, Canada, Europe and the rest.
By non-express, delivery time is 5-7 business days ASEAN countries by air-way freight carrier; 7-10 business days to other Asian countries and about 10-14 business days to USA, Canada, Europe and the rest.
We shall ship within 1-3 business day when you place your order and make payment.

C.2 Shipping costs:
Shipping cost depends on gross weight or volume of the package and the destination. Average price for canvas painting (100x100cm) shipped in tube by Express is US$80 to Asia; US$120 to USA, Canada, Europe and US$ 150 to the rest.

In case the painting shipped with frame and it shall be packed in a wooden case (see attached pictures ), the shipping cost can be calculated/applied by Gross Weight or Converted Volume Weight, it depends on which one is heavier:

Gross weight of package (put the package on a weighter /scale) : ~ A kg
And Converted Volume Weight calculated by following formula : ~ B kg.

Volume weight = Length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) / 5000 = B

If A> B, A will be applied to calculate for shipping cost.

If B> A, B will be applied to calculate for shipping cost.

Note: The B value can take probable error -/+01~2 kg. It is calculated by estimating the dimensions of the package before packing.
The exact value shall be found after packing. The extra cost, if any, caused by probable error shall be informed to the customer by email. We will refund to customer in the next time or customer comeback to gallery and collect it if probable error is "+".

When painting with frame are shipped by non-express (up to 100 kg), the average shipping cost with door to door service is US$7 /kg to ASEAN countries, US$9/kg to Asia, US$9~13 to Europe, Australia, USA and US$ 13/kg to the rest.

This cost shall be noted clearly in “Quotation & Shipping Confirmation”.

C.3 Fumigation requirement.
In case the painting with frame is shipped to abroad, the fumigation of frame and wooden package is compulsory and certificate issued for this requirement. Fumigation fee is USD14.00 per case or package. This fee is charged separately.

C.4 Insurance
Normally the insurance is covered by the carrier, however the liability of the carrier (FedEx, DHL or TNT) is limited by Warsaw Convention 1929 (as amended by the Hague protocol 1955). The compensation for lost and/or damage of cargo is limited to US$100 per shipment or US$9.07 per pound (US$20 per kilogram).

The buyer may purchase insurance from us for the full value of your shipment by completing the relevant box on the receipt /quotation &shipping confirmation and paying the indicated charge (01% value of invoice or minimum fee US$15.00) to cover you against all risks of loss and damage (Lloyds’ ICC-Air-clause) during carriage. Insurance does not cover losses of a consequential nature or delays in carriage or where the loss has arisen as a result of your breach of your obligations under terms and conditions of the carrier.
It just be done when customer require and pay for insurance. The insurance policy shall be sent to the buyer by post. In case of total loss or damage occurred the insurance company will take the inspection then reimburse for loss to the buyer.
C.5 Shipping Delay
We will notify you via email of any delays in shipping your order. By the last promised shipping date, we will send an email that advises your order will ship within the next 1-3 business days unless you contact us to cancel the unshipped portion of your order.
If we will be unable to meet the revised shipping timeframe, we will notify you via email that we have cancelled the unshipped portion of your order and a refund will be issued.

We will deliver only to a permanent address given to us at time of order and you should note we cannot accept P.O. Box numbers, Hotels, Temporary or Accommodation addresses

C.6 Shipping Confirmation and Tracking
We will inform you a shipping confirmation (include tracking number ) by email when your order leaves our warehouse.

C.7 No Sales Tax
Enjoy no sales tax on every order. International orders are not charged sales tax at the time of purchase, but may incur taxes and duties in the customs process of the destination country. You will be responsible for paying any taxes and duties incurred in the delivery of international orders. We are unable to predict which shipments will be assessed these fees or the amount of the fee that may be charged
If delivery of an international order is refused, The order will be not returned for a merchandise refund, it will be destroyed by the courier and customer will NOT be refunded for any charges.

C.8 – Delivery Inspection
Upon receiving/arriving the item of art work from the carrier the buyer/customer shall be requested to inspect the condition of shipment and take the evident such as photos, signature of delivery staff/carrier, etc to fill the file of claim if any damage happened during shipping. If any happened, the receiver/buyer shall email to pmg.ltt@phuongmaigallery.com  right-away to inform about that. We are no responsibility for any claim about the damage of shipment during shipping without delivery inspection.