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ARTISTS Artist Do Duy Tuan

Artist DO DUY TUAN (1954)

The lonely adventurer – He was born in Thua Thien, Hue in 1954 and graduated from National Fine Arts College of Hue in 1974;
He is a member of Vietnamese Fine Arts Association
And member of HCMC Fine Arts Association.
Before 1975, he participated in many fine arts activities in Hue and Da Nang. Due to his family’s conditions, he did not resume his artist’s life until 1994. In 2000, he held a solo exhibition in Singapore and received the Art National Award for three consecutive years from 1999 to 2001, as well as the Vietnam Fine Arts Awards in 2001. He also had artworks in Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts Museum and Hanoi Fine Arts Museum.
Do Duy Tuan is one of the most talented artist in Vietnam and a profound, Zen thinker. He paints mostly women, portrays his female subjects in somber and dreamlike moods, and uses mixed media as his material. He has received numerous awards from competitions and exhibits overseas. Twice, he has received the Certificate of Recognition from the Philip Morris group of Companies ASEAN Art Awards.
1997: Certificate of Recognition – Philip Morris of Companies ASEAN Art Awards;
1998: Recognition Awards – Vietnam Fine Arts Association (VFAA);
1999: Prize 3rd – VFAA;
1996 – 2000: Awards at National Fine Arts Exhibition – Ministry of Culture and Information;
2001: Prize A – VFAA;
2002: Certificate of Recognition – Philip Morris of Companies Vietnamese Art Awards in Indonesia;
2003: Prize “Tang Thuong” VFAA;
2004: Certificate of Appreciation – Humanitarian Support of the Red Cross Association in Vietnam;
1973 -1975: Participated in the exhibition of oil painting & sculptures in Hue and Da Nang;
1994 – 1997: Exhibition at HCM city, exhibition of 26 artists of Hue at the Labor Cultural House in HCMC and HCM Fine Arts Association…
1997 – 2001: Participated in the exhibition of Selected Works of  the Art Contest organized by Philip Morris Asean in Hanoi; Singapore and some Gallery in HCM city…
2001 – 2004: Exhibition in Singapore, Indonesia, Switzerland, Laos, USA, HCM city – Vietnam…
2005 – 2007: Participated in the exhibition in Washington D.C, in Indonesia, India…
March 2009: Participated in exhibition “Saigon Painting Brushes” at Phuong Mai Gallery, 129B Le Thanh Ton str., D1, HCM city;
November 2011: Displaying his collection at Phuong Mai Art & Café, 07 Phan Chu Trinh Str., D1, HCM city – New branch of Phuong Mai Gallery.
Current his collections are displayed at the National Art Museum.