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 The artist full name is Pham Quang Trinh
Born:  1970 in Binh Dinh –Viet Nam
1997: Graduated BA Degree from Hue College of  Fine Arts
Member of VietNam Fine Arts Association
Member of Hue Literature and Arts Association
Chau Quang Thanh
Date Of Birth: April 19th 1962                                                         
Place Of Birth: TP.HCM

Graduated from HCMC University of Fine-Arts                                 Year course: 1999 – 2004
(Faculty of Oil painting)
Artistic name: Quang Thanh
Currently living and working in Hochiminh City.

  • Ideas and working journey:
  • Fine-arts is a kind of art, an essential area in life.
Depicting the outside world’s view through the feelings of each artist and based on the colors, layouts, multiple ideas and also many ways of expressing. Fine arts adds some flavors to help life become more diverse.
Tran Thuy Linh
“As for me, creation in Art is a “Zen” process to release every emotion and feeling to reach the final destination – Freedom. The world of colors and lights provides me the means to proceed Zen – to find the original identity of all things and myself”.
Artist Van Duong Thanh in Vietnam cultural space.
Artist Van Duong Thanh was born into an educated family in Phu Yen. At the age of three, she grew up and studied in Hanoi. After her graduation from Vietnam Fine-Arts university in 1980, she did research at The institute for cultural research of ministry of culture. In 1990, after getting her master’s degree in language in Sweden, she taught fine arts in Sweden.