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Artist And Revolution


The first beautiful pages of Vietnam’s modern fine arts were first written by artists To Ngoc Van, Tran Van Can, Nguyen Phan Chanh and Nguyen Do Cung and later by artists Nguyen Sang, Nguyen Tu Nghiem, Bui Xuan Phai and others, and until today, these are the most beautiful pages of the national revolutionary art.
At first these artists lived with their emotion, feeling all that in the past so near and dear, trying to search for what belonged to individualism. Their art works at this stage of their lives such as the painting 'The Girl by Tuberoses,' the portrait “Little Girl Thuy” or the painting 'Playing O An Quan' (Playing Game of Squares) reflect the opening up of a new art. However, when they devoted their lives to serve the revolution and the nation, these artists-citizens-fighters were found present in the barricades and fighting lines against the enemy, and these artists had created their works that amazed the viewers with the paintings describing the Hanoi girls whose ao dai (national long dress) were seen flapping by the barricades in the days when Hanoi was launching the general insurrection against the French aggressive troops.

In the nine-year resistance war against French colonialists, these artists were seen along the fighters in the trenches, with the workers of the arsenal, with the peasants on the rice fields and in the fireline with the suppliers. With the pencils, gouaches, woodcuts, these artists had created sketches with a new outlook and idea, really attracting and moving the human hearts.
Following the Indochina Fine Arts School which had placed art in service of the revolution, the Viet Bac Fine Arts School headed by artist To Ngoc Van had turned out the second generation of artists with such household names as Trong Kiem, Luu Cong Nhan, Tran Luu Hau and Le Huy Hoa who had created the first paintings of the revolutionary art. In the annual book of history, such art works as 'The Soldiers Stop by the Hill' and 'Lung Lo Pass' by To Ngoc Van, 'The Bowl' by Sy Ngoc, 'The Enemy Burnt My Village' by Nguyen Sang, 'The Phu Luu Militiamen' by Nguyen Tu Nghiem, 'I’ll Read for You, Mother' by Tran Van Can, 'Drop in My House' by Trong Kiem, 'The Night Operation' by Duong Bich Lien, 'To Remember a Tay Bac Afternoon' by Phan Ke An or 'The Meeting' by Mai Van Hien and many others. Particularly the monumental lacquer painting 'A Party Membership Admitance Ceremony in Dien Bien Phu' by Nguyen Sang was created after nine years of the Dien Bien Victory (1963), marking the peak of the art of socialist realism.

When the anti-US imperialism struggle for national salvation started, artists of many generations from the North to the South of Vietnam, from the fight against the US war of destruction against the North to the fierce fight against the US troops in the South, lived, fought and created art works in their endless and wonderful inspiration, in which the Vietnamese people in the 20th century were the image that ran through their works. Such magnificent sketches of the battlefields of artists Huynh Phuong Dong, Nguyen Vinh Nguyen, Le Lam and many others from the battlefields of the central part of the country to those in the South were continued by artists Nguyen Tien Chung, Bui Xuan Phai, Nguyen Sang, Nguyen Tu Nghiem, Luong Xuan Nhi, Nguyen Do Cung, Tran Van Can, Diep Minh Chau and many others, who had confirmed their worthy and important contributions of the Vietnamese generations of artists to the revolutionary plastic art.

The renovation initiated and led by the Communist Party of Vietnam has created a turn of new development of the Vietnamese literature and art.
In the early 1980s of the 20th century, the 10th National Fine Arts Exhibition reflected the diversity of language and material of the art with the works of artists Dang Thi Khue, Buu Chi, Do Son, Le Huy Tiep, Nguyen Trung, Nguyen Khai, Dao Minh Tri and Ca Le Thang, who had really brought about new expectations. The three consecutive individual exhibitions of artists Nguyen Sang, Nguyen Tu Nghiem and Bui Xuan Phai were the priceless spiritual motive force for the younger generations of artists to make greater efforts on the path of free creativity.

Recognised and encouraged by the Party and State for the freedom of creativity of individuals, the contemporary art of Vietnam has advanced fast and contacted in a direct and equal manner with the world art to create the first images of the renovation of Vietnam. The young artists have implemented with great enthusiasm their “own revolution” concerning the consciousness of aesthetics and the language of the art. There is a boom of individual exhibitions of art works. A life of fine art quite different from the past has been formed. The young artists of the 1980s and 1990s have quickly created the new striking power for the contemporary art. The new names in the late 20th century such as Dang Xuan Hoa, Nguyen Xuan Tiep, Hong Viet Dung, Truong Tan, Dinh Quan and many others have appeared on the first section of the road of the new century with their responsibility in creativity.

Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper.
Miss Universe Vietnam is more than just a contest represents for beauty in the eyes but also beauty of the soul. A journey dedicates for the comprehensive beauty. That is proved through the establishment of the charity fund for the sake of the poor who is living under difficult conditions. On the night 02/10/2015, the night right before the final night of the contest, the charity event took place at Diamond Bay Resort & Spa, Nhatrang. 
Exhibition "Salty Sea" - Solo Exhibition Of To Minh Artist
To Minh stepped into art world with his soul of a coastal-region son. Plain and simple. For him, the whispering wave, the slightly moist wind and salty taste are his endless inspiration. They are, therefore, embodiment of what has formed his style. With the strong and firm brush strokes, To Minh s artworks illustrate the liveliest part of people there. Despite hard work and harsh environment, the bliss glitters in their eyes. The picture depicting fishing and harvesting activities shine...
Vietnamese-French Artist Shows Abstract Paintings
The Exhibition lasts until February 7 at the gallery, which is located at 07-09 Phan Chu Trinh Street in District 1.
French - Vietnamese Artist's Abstracts On Display In Ho Chi Minh City
Artist Robert Mihagui believes that "to be" is more important than "to have" and generous with his time and talents, often donating his paintings to charities.
“The Reflection” Exhibition Of Robert Mihagui Artist
Exhibition display On 31st January, 2015, Phuong Mai Gallery has held an open ceremony of The Reflection -solo exhibition of Robert Mihagui artist. The exhibition is in the first month of the year. This is also the first exhibition of our gallery this year to speed up many art activities of Vietnam Fine Art in general and Phuong Mai Gallery in particular. Through this exhibition, Robert Mihagui artist wants to introduce to many art lovers 20 artworks which are the portraits of places he s...
To Minh - The Sea Exhibition
The infinite sea has been an inspiring topic for artists. To Minh is one of Vietnamese artists that successfully exploited this subject. To him, is not only a subject but also related to his hometown, the Phan Thiet sea. Therefore, the images of , and the lives of people living by often appear in his paintings. The specialities of To Minh s paintings are his skillful and powerful strokes of trowel combined with the unique technique of using thick paint to make his paintings had a rather...
Bach Lan - The Dreams Exhibtion
Through the brush belonged to Romanticism, with the shape of lady and lotus as the main theme, this collection will bring you through different tone of emotions.Come and feel it yourself.
Impressionism The term 'Impressionist' was first used as an insult in response to an exhibition of new paintings in Paris in 1874. A diverse group of painters, rejected by the art establishment, defiantly set up their own exhibition. They included Monet, Renoir, Pissarro and Degas. Monet, 'Lavacourt Under Snow, about 1878-81 What characterises Impressionism for most people nowadays, is both the subject matter and the technique. Landscapes, and scenes from modern urban and suburban life...
Phuong Mai Gallery’s Nine-year Journey On Display
Phuong Mai-A State of Journey exhibition will open today to mark the gallery s nine year art operation as well as introducing to art lovers a new display area of the gallery at 9 Nguyen Cu Trinh Street in downtown HCMC. The exhibition will feature 25 works by 20 artists from the private collection of the gallery. Visitors will have a chance to explore many materials from oil on canvas, acrylic and mixed media in many styles from realism, abstract to impressionist as well as expressionism...
State Of Journey Exhibition Shows Work Of 20 Vietnamese Artists
HCM CITY (VNS)— "Phuong Mai A State of Journey" is the name of an art exhibition featuring 25 works including oil, lacquer and acrylic paintings as well as woodcuts by 20 famous Vietnamese artists in HCM City. Among the artists are Le Thanh, Ho Huu Thu, Uyen Huy, Phan Thanh Binh, Bich Lan, Duong Sen, La Hon, Do Duy Tuan and Van Duong Thanh. For the artists, this exhibition of Phuong Mai's personal collection is a time machine that takes them back to the past. For the young Vietnamese...
Le Trieu Dien Brings Memories To The Fore
 Everyone loves to recall pleasant memories, especially elderly people who like telling old stories about their past love, their victories, their hardship as well as their dreams for their children and grandchildren. Image Caption At the age of nearly 70 with four decades as a working artist, Le Trieu Dien recalls the ups and downs of his life, memories of time and emotions with solo exhibition Ky uc goi ve (Called back memory) which will open at the downtown Phuong Mai Gallery...
Enjoy Coffee In The Art Space Of PMG-Art & Cafe
Enjoy coffee in an art space at the center of HCMCity, is it possible? PMG- Art& Coffee will be opened in the next few days. It is beautifully located in a 2-storey house of a French style terrace on 07 Phan Chu Trinh Street, District 1, opposite to the Western Door of Ben Thanh Market. Its exterior has remained features of 19th architecture despite several modern renovation.
New Gallery
It is our honour to inform that we will open a second gallery at the beginning of July. It is beautifully located in a 2-storey French house on 07 Phan Chu Trinh Street, opposite to the Western Door of Ben Thanh Market. From the second floor, our location opens the whole city view. You can see the tallest building of the city which is BitexcoBuilding, and our centre traffic circle.
French Artist Faces Walls
Bach Lien Call before digging: Lolo Zazar's photos on display at the exhibition reflect the rapid changes in Ha Noi, as reflected on its walls. — VNS Photo Truong Vi HA NOI — Listen to the walls in Ha Noi and you will hear what they are telling you. A French artist has heard these stories and retold them to visitors at the French cultural centre in Ha Noi. Dialogues with the Walls is the name of Lolo Zazar's photo exhibition on display at l'Espace.
Learn About Art- Part III
PHOTOGRAPHY 1952 Jaguar C-Type Photo C-Type Otherwise known as a Chromogenic Colour or Colour Coupler print, C-Type is the generic name for a modern colour print. Colour sensitive layers of emulsion on the paper respond to the colour information in the negative when light is shone through it. After the initial development, chemical compounds called dye couplers are added to form a layer of hues that produce the full colour image. Type digital LightjetC-Type printon fuji crystal archive paper...
Learn About Art- Part II
OTHER MEDIA Image Caption Pencil / Charcoal / Chalk Ordinary lead pencils are made of graphite mixed with variable amounts of clay according to the degree of hardness required, with the softest varieties containing little or no clay. The paper texture must be coarse so that it 'files' down the pencil. Charcoal, due to its crumbly nature, can be used either for wispy strokes or shading, and is good for creating strong dark lines - the drawback with charcoal is that it smudges and tends to...
Learn About Art- Part I
Learn more about art media and techniques PAINTING Oil Oil paint is a slow drying paint that is created by mixing pigments with oil, linseed oil being the most traditional. Oil paints are usually opaque and never dry fully, but rather develop a hard film. Since the sixteenth century oil painting on canvas has been a standard medium for artists as it can be easily manipulated and has great flexibility, making it possible for an artist to achieve a layered or smooth, rich coloured canvas....
“ The Melody Of Spring” Exhibition
The Melody of Spring VDT- Spring flowers- Oil and Acrylic-2011 As part of New Year Celebration, Phuong Mai Gallery and HSBC, in company with Artist Van Duong Thanh, have organized . With 18 paintings including oil, acrylic and lacquer on wood, Vietnamese national artist Van Duong Thanh depicted impressions of Hanoi in particular and of Vietnam in general. VDT-Girl & Lotus Oil& Acrylic -2012 Harmony, tranquility and joy are common themes in Van Duong Thanh s uplifting paintings. The sprigs...
Rainy Season Caught On Canvas
HCM CITY — A series of 35 acrylic-on-canvas paintings, titled Hue's Rainy Colours, is now on display in HCM City.The collection was created by Le Nhuong, Dang Mau Tuu and Phan Thanh Binh from the Hue Fine Arts College. The rainy season prevents most outdoor activities and can cast a gloomy mood over Hue, but for the artists it also lends a pensive and graceful look to this formal royal city. Just imagine what Hue would look like in a few months without continuous rain? During the rainy...
“The Color Of Hue Rain” In Saigon Sunlight
in Saigon sunlight In this season, the rain in Hue city are incessant continualness. It s not only makes the man s heart to be sad, the time have settle down and prevent any outside activity, but the rain also has created a pensive look for this city. Imagine if a few month without continuous rain, what Hue city will look like? People will wonder "how strange it heaven!". In other words, Hue almost rain all year round, different point is light rain or heavy rain merely. Because of heavy and...