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ARTIST Artist Van Duong Thanh
Artist’s Biography


Spiritual painting's review
The painting contains many pieces with different colors, shapes and lines which present the different states of consciousness within The Creator. The consciousness shows how much one being dissolves into The Creator.More of the dissolving means the individual parts such as colors, shapes and other features will tend to disappear and the harmony with The Creator will take place. And in order for the consciousness to dissolve into The Creator then the understanding and enlightenment of The Creator's principles are necessary. For example, to get on well with a friend we need interaction for understanding each other, once the understanding is good enough it will help take the misunderstanding and confusion away. Understanding The Creator and the ego disappears.
Van Duong Thanh
Name The Puzzle of Consciousness. Price:
Code VDT-TTL-01
Size 40 x 60 cm
Material Oil paint