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ARTIST Artist Quang Thanh
Artist’s Biography

The painting describes the flowering in a spiritual person's consciousness.
The image of half face being immersed in the grey area represents the lowland of ignorance where all consciousness are stuck in. Their clinging forms the invisible prison that ties their mind to the isolation.
However, there is the white light beam of enlightenment on the face's forehead. When someone is enlightened, their consciousness turns into the flowers flying out of the prison of conditioning and clinging. And that is a miracle which happens after the consciousness has gone through a process of intense Birth and Death by the Creator's almighty theories.
The scene of the hidden face behind observing the movement of the flowers also means humans are always watching and heading towards The Creator.
Quang Thanh
Name The flowering of consciousness Price:
Code QT-01-TTL-2018
Size 124,5 x 80 cm
Material Oil on canvas