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ARTIST Artist Pham Trinh
Artist’s Biography


Spiritual painting's review

The painting with a Buddha spreading his halo and eight monks beneath him with their faces on different directions resulting in the difference of their states of consciousness.
The lower part of the oil lamp represents the consciousness of the eight monks. The black strokes spreading out like the roots of karma ties the monks and takes them into the endless circles of samsara in the oil tank. They seem to be silent, however, deep inside, their judgement, distinction, greed, hatred and delusion still chain their consciousness.
The light of the lamp represents the Buddha in peaceful halo. Buddhas are those who are enlightened. They realize that spiritual study means "Understanding the inner soul rather than the outer body"- Master TRAN THANH NGHI. They study the emptiness in order to thoroughly understand the Creator's principle; use their mind and knowledge as the materials to enlighten their consciousness and turn it into emptiness; same as the oil lamp, it needs oil in spite of the bad smell and dark color in order to shine.

Pham Trinh
Name The dropping point of consciousness Price:
Code PT-86
Size 80 x 160 cm
Material Oil paint