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ARTIST Artist Le Thanh Thu
Artist’s Biography

Spiritual painting's review
The painting appears to be eye-catching with the figure of an orange meditator sitting in a care-free way among the hassle and chaos of "The market of life" expressed via many restlessly moving shapes. All of them are active due to their instinctive need. However, there is one person being silent as their original self meant to be. The meditating man has been able to harmonize Life and Tao, he has immersed himself into Life instead of hiding himself to go to the quiet and deserted places like forests or highlands. That goes to show that spiritual study is a part in the whole of everything. It appears as an indispensable part in this real life. And when we can unify Life and Tao then Life is not something we must run way, but it suddenly becomes the wonderful materials to enlighten our mind. Because spiritual study means " Understanding the inner soul rather than the outer body"- Master Tran Thanh Nghi.

Le Thanh Thu
Name Meditating Inside The Market. Price:
Code LTT-17-TTL-01
Size 54 x 65 cm
Material Oil paint