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ARTIST Artist Tran Thuy Linh
Artist’s Biography

Spiritual painting's review
The painting is the gentle intertwinement of the flowers spreading out its fragrance into the wind.
That depicts clearly the constant transformation of the Creator without any ending point.
The expansion of the flower fragrance is the same as the consciousnesses are getting more and more enlightened to penetrate into that infinite flow. The blossoming of one consciouness happens when it lets go of its own limited range in order to dissolve into the unlimited transformation. Yellow apricots are also a symbol of Spring. However, this is a completely new reality. It is not a repetition or return but a totally new breakthrough of the consciousness.

Tran Thuy Linh
Name Flow With The Transformation Price:
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Code TTL-03-18
Size 70 x 90 cm
Material Oil on canvas